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Conditions summary

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    Condition #1 Climb at your own risk :  We will provide as much information as possible and the best we can. But we are not giving you any information that you should take granted! Always take care of your own security.
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    Condition #2 Closed facebook group all your question answered: We have a private Facebook group where you can get to us with your questions and we will try to do our best to improve your e-course experience! 
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    Condition #3 Warranty : BlissClimbing want to help climbers to reach better information in regards to Solo climbing. So all information in this course will get updated (when new material or techniques will be out.) And will remain available for buyers as long as BlissClimbing is running this training.
  • Condition #4 check your e-mails :  We will send you an e-mail. actually you receive after your order 3 e-mails. Sometimes they get lost in spam or promotion folder. Please check carefully. 

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