Be able to climb a lot and by yourself!
A simple method to climb more on your own! 

Private life respected. Your information is 100% safe.

In this online course you will learn 

  • A method to climb more, on your own, leading with a rope to manage the risks as much as possible.

  • What to use AND how to use it. Silent Partner, Soloist, Revo, Grigri, Eddy, LOV2 and knots only methods!!!

  • Techniques you need to know to go climb on your own! Including: general principles, device specific recommendations, suggested knots, belay anchors, self rescue and more!

  • You will save a lot of money!!!! You will be able to make good choices for yourself (not try all the gear and spend money on it!) 

  • Save a lot of the time!!!! All you need to know is there, easy to access! It will be accessible as long as BlissClimbing is there and it will be updated!!!!

Hi! I'm Yann Camus.

I've been climbing since 1995 and started lead solo in 1996! I'm passionate about Rope Solo and been giving climbing courses for a long time now. After realizing that people are more and more interested, I decided to build this e-course for you! As sometimes, it's quite expensive to pay for a full climbing trip or lesson with me!

I've put together this e-courses to help people like me climb more and take charge of their security while climbing! After a course like this, you will be able to make better choices about Rope Solo!  

​Also we will improve this course at times when we receive new information or when there is new interesting material!

How to LEAD Rope Solo! Stay tune>>

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