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Some of the Gyms gave me access to their facilities for free and others I payed for. The goal of this page is to provide you with a review of my experience at the Gym to plan your visit. ENJOY!

Rocky Mountain - Calgary Climbing Centre

I went to the gym on 2020-10-28 from 21h to 23h. Given the COVID situation I had to make reservation on their web site . The maximum allowed time per day is currently 2h to allow for more people to enjoy the center. Currently everyone wears masks including when climbing


My first reaction to this Gym is WOW! it is BIG!!! The lead and TR walls are 65 feet high and the building is quite large. There is a reasonably big bouldering wall with all wall angles and very cool routes. I climbed about 5 TR routes and tried 3 boulder problems. Everything was fun-fun-fun on holds that are basically new. Nice colours for colour-blind people BTW. 


I had to pay for my entry plus TR belay check plus rental for shoes, harness, chalk and grigri. Total was just under 40 $ including sales taxes. Not bad!





I noted that the opening hours are more than I am used to. Currently opens at 6am on weekdays!!!




Thanks Randen for the belay and the time. Also for setting me up this red TR on the picture! I appreciate it A LOT! 


Address is: 

 10721 West Valley Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5T2