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"I met Yann Camus for a lead solo course. The objective I had was to go further in solo climbing with rope security and the best techniques. The day we had was one of the richest in learning of all my climbing years. Not to mentioned a very joyful climbing day! Yann is like a mine of knowledge, he is rigorous, enthusiast and nice! He share all small details that will make your climbing experience pure joy! Were is the 6 Stars option?"


"Do you want to learn how to become an excellent climber? Do you need to polish your skills? Have you ever wondered what a real climbing instructor should behave and act? Search no more; Yann has you covered. In two hours, I learnt how to rope solo my way up a wall. No more need for a partner. This year I’ll be attempting my first Big Wall and next year, an even Bigger Wall. Are you jealous yet?"


"I did my first solo training with a Rock Exotica Soloist device that Yann sold me with a training. A super reasonable price considering the level of experience he has and the level of commitment of the training.

An evening at Yann's house to see the operation of the Soloist and test everything started the course. Then a full day in Val David to climb an easier one pitch and an airy multi-pitch.

Yann gave me all the necessary tools to practice lead solo with proper safety. He has always been present next to me (with his Soloist) even in the most stressful moments. I recommend absolutely if you want to get into the field of Rope Solo Climbing


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Conditions summary

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    Condition #1 Climb at your own risk :  We will provide as much information as possible and the best we can. But we are not giving you any information that you should take granted! Always take care of your own security.
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    Condition #2 Closed facebook group all your question on Top Rope Solo answered: We have a private Facebook group where you can get to us with your questions and we will try to do our best to improve your e-course experience! 
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    Condition #3 warranty : BlissClimbing want to help climbers to reach better information in regards to Solo climbing. So all information in this course will get updated (when new material or techniques will be out.) And will remain available for buyers as long as BlissClimbing is running this training.
  • Condition #4 E-Book : BlissClimbing will provide to all buyers more than 500 pages of PDF documents for those who prefer reading and would like all the info on solo, it's a Mega Bonus! 

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