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With a number of big wall rope solos under my belt I was amazed by two big things: 1)Yann Online course taught me tips I didn’t know and I am eager to put to use. 2) Yann takes the time to go through all the basic things that I had to learn through trial and error. What ever your skill level the course is a value.

Hans Florine

Hans Florine - 165 ascents of El Capitan

Yann’s course is the only place on the Internet with this kind and depth of infomation. Yes we can read an article over here or a few words there about rope soloing, but Yann has put it into the relaxed form of videos where you can sit back and let the infomation flow in! Easy days!

I’ve also watched a bunch of his other youtube vids where he’s testing, comparing and analysing gear and devices. These videos have helped me come to an informed decision on what I should get before getting it myself, saving me the hassle of getting it wrong. Thanks Yann for sharing infomation and knowledge. We can all always learn something 🙂

Pete Whittaker

Yann has not only demonstrated his skills in rope soloing, soloing El Cap several times, he’s also invested a huge amount of time in understanding all aspects of these techniques, making him one of the leading teachers of rope solo climbing

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Andy Kirkpatrick - Rope Solo specialist

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