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Rope Solo (part one : Fixed ropes)

This course is made to help you climb more!!! Have fun, but be sure your are the only person responsible for your safety! We suggest you follow the order but feel free to navigate through!

Now let’s get serious. The main objective of this course is to get you educated. Our videos are intended to give you more knowledge to make safer decisions for yourself. It may lead you to chose to NOT Rope Solo even on top rope. Or it may lead you to choose to Rope Solo. Since we will not evaluate you on the wall all the time, we cannot make you Rope Soloers but we still want to help you reach more confidence on your decisions.

Price : 199$ CA (Approximatly 130 € or 140 US$ depending on the exchange rate.)

Chapter 1 : Disclaimer

Just to make sure you understand that climbing is dangerous and you have to take your own responsibility.


Chapter 2 : welcome

words from the instructor and presentation.


Chapter 3 : Introduction

Were to begin on top rope solo climbing.


Chapter 4 : Important Concepts About Climbing Gear

Climbing gear, important stuff to know about.


the Top Rope Online Course really gave me systematic insights in what is good and what is less good, and it also shows lots of different ways of looking at things. To me it was a good investment. I did quite some top rope solo before but after this course i am changing my devices and the whole setup. There are lots of possibilities but at least now i have a deeper insight in the whole matter. In this group there is a lot of help from a lot of different points of view, scrolling and reading through comments is surely very very helpful, but not as systematic as the course.

Paul Franssen

Passionnate Climber

Yann Camus


Certifications instructor of traditional climbing lead 2018 with the FQME and climbing guide Rock and Ice with the ÉNEQ in 2003 and 2006 Upgrade with AGMA 2018.

Advanced first aid in remote areas SIRIUS in 2003 and 2018.

Here is a bit of Yann’s climbing experience in solo (lead and second)

El Capitan – The Shield (5.8, A3, V) 2013,

Red Rocks – Epinephrine (5.9, IV) (2004),

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